Who is Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK?

Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK is a new company for 2020, but we have a long history. We have worked for one of the leading cannabis seed retailers since 2010 and have international breeding partners that compare to high level major branded seeds. We have taken all our experience and understanding of past customer issues and decided to create a seed company better than all the competition.

Our online retail experience in the cannabis industry started out over 15 years ago working with a company called the Discount Seed Company. 


We accept Credit Card Payments from All European Countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some others.

Card payments will show on your bank account as from (Accessories Outlet UK)

At Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK we always handle payments with the most attention to detail and secure methods possible. When handling credit and debit card payments we will never store your card details and over the telephone card payments will not be written down.

Our website has a highly secure SSL certificate which means your details are safe and encrypted with us.

All orders paying by Credit or Debit card online will now need to be made using 3D Secure, which is to ensure no fraudulent payments can be taken from your card. When you make a payment online you will be prompted to enter your secure password through our encrypted payment processing software. We never see any of this information as it is handled by a secure 3rd party payment processing gateway.

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Information about shipping cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK offers a range of shipping methods to suit the needs of all our customers. We generally focus our business on the UK and European markets as we can offer Debit and Credit Card payment options to these countries. If you want a delivery outside of these countries, we can process the order, but you would need to pay with an alternative method.

We are happy to ship worldwide, but please check your local laws before ordering. International orders will be send at the customer's own liability and we will take no responsibility for packages detained by customs.

Please use your correct name and address otherwise we cannot guarantee the parcel will be delivered successfully as you may need to collect it from a delivery depot and present identification documents to do so.

Our Standard Packaging

Our standard packaging which we use for every standard order will be a simple white jiffy bubble envelope containing your original souvenir packed cannabis seeds and a copy of your printed invoice. There will be a printed sticker on the front with your name and address details on it. We will never write on the package unless it requires an international customs declaration, in which case we will write that the contents are a promotional sample or one of the following stealth options below.

Worldwide Delivery Options

Basic Stamp only Not Insured Service (delivery 3-21 days) £2.95

Most of our customers outside the UK opt for the basic stamp delivery option as it is cheap and reliable. For this option you can basically use any name you want and the order will not need a signature on delivery. This option is not insured as we have no way of knowing if the delivery was received by the person it was sent to. Please only use this option if you are at a private address and are sure once posted through your letterbox, it will be given to you personally.

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Medicinal Claims on our website

We cannot verify any medical claims made on our website. No scientific testing has been carried out and any information displayed is based on assumptions rather than actual credible medical research. Any information related to medical benefits should be disregarded as there is no scientific research to back up claims made.

Growing and germination info

Information regarding the growing or the germination of cannabis seeds is only for display purposes and not intended to promote illegal activity.  Our product descriptions may vary from actual results and should only be grown by persons with a licence or in countries where laws permit.

Cannabis Seeds Sold as Souvenirs

Cannabis Seeds in the UK and many parts of Europe are sold as souvenirs or to preserve genetics for future uses when laws change. We cannot for this reason offer guarantees on germination and attempts are the sole responsibility of the customer.