Shipping Information Thailand

Information about shipping cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seeds Outlet TH will always use the fastest shipping method available in Thailand. We try to pride ourselves on making the purchase as smooth and fast as possible. We have stock located in Thailand for all the products on our Thai based website and use local delivery services such as Kerry Express or Flash.

Please use your correct name and address otherwise we cannot guarantee the parcel will be delivered successfully as you may need to collect it from a delivery depot and present identification documents to do so.

Our Standard Packaging

Our standard packaging which we use for every standard order will be a simple small box containing your original souvenir packed cannabis seeds and a copy of your printed invoice. There will be a printed sticker on the front with your name and address details on. We will never write on the package to show what contents is inside.

Our Stealth Packaging Options

Many customers find our stealth discreet shipping service very important due to a number of complex reasons. We mainly find customers in the UK and Europe simply want to keep their package safe from prying eyes such as a nosy partners or family members.

When choosing a stealth delivery option, please be aware that we will remove your seeds from the original souvenir packaging and send them without the branded packs. They will be re-packed into one of our what we call stealth packaging options.

Our list of Stealth Delivery options below may vary from time to time subject to availability

• Place seeds inside a hollow threaded metal bolt

• Place seeds inside a small souvenir lighter

• Place seeds inside a discreet stash safe car lighter

• Place seeds inside a blank t-shirt

• Place seeds inside a cd or DVD case

• Place seeds inside the tube of a writing pen

Delivery Options in Thailand

If your order is over 1000 THB we offer free delivery in Thailand with a service of 1-3 days depending on your location. For orders under 1000 THB we charge a fixed fee of just 60 Baht for the service.

In Southern Thailand and Bangkok delivery takes just 24-48 hours to arrive with the North around 48-72 hours. Delivery arrival time counts from the day you order if it is before 1pm. If you order on Monday at 4pm this would count the same as you ordering on Tuesday as it would already be too late for the courier drop off.

We only send out orders on Monday to Friday and not on the weekends.

Delivery Disclaimer

Please be reminded that it is your own personal and legal responsibility to research your local laws on importation of cannabis seeds. Cannabis Seeds Outlet TH does not promote illegal purchasing or use of our products and accepts no liability for arising legal issues.