Top 10 Auto Marijuana Seeds 2024

We have selected our range of the best autoflowering strains for 2024 based on many reasons. With strains from breeders Dutch Passion, Big Head, Sweet Seeds, Greenhouses Seeds and Just Feminized. The strains we seek are selected for their strength, yield, and most importantly, their resemblance to their original photoperiod parent. We know what our customers are interested in and have access to many current strains.

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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock Just Feminized strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery) Automatic Apple Tartz cannabis seeds by Just Feminized are a well balanced 60% Indica 40% Sativa with Runtz x Apple Fritter genetics that finish seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks and 80-120cm tall indoors.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsJelly Doughnuts cannabis seeds by Just Feminized are a well balanced 60% Indica 40% Sativa with Zkittlez Gelato Ghost OG Cream Caramel and Unknown Lemon Kush genetics that have massive THC
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsPineapple Chunk is one of our best seller strains that we sell in the thousands every year. This Autoflowering version is the perfect outdoor variety that won't let you down and indoor it will save you 1-2 weeks of your cycle.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsJust Feminized MAC One Auto is a balanced Indica Sativa hybrid with genetics Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter x Bruce Banner and Ruderalis. This Fast Flowering Automatic Cannabis Strain will finish seed to harvest in under 11 weeks with high yielding and high THC buds.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock Sweet Seeds strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery) Sweet Seeds Bruce Banner Auto® is an extremely aromatic strain that comes from a cross of an elite Bruce Banner clone with a select strain of auto flowering Gorilla Girl XL.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock 420 Fast Buds strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery)Strawberry Gorilla Auto Feminized Fast Buds Seeds is a new strain for 2022 that is set to impress.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsBighead Big Stilton Auto Automatic Automatic is a potent combination for that brings together two strains with already massive reputations. Expect a shorter version similar to Critical Cheese but with more suitability to short rooms where height is an issue and slightly shortened flowering time.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock 420 Fast Buds strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery) Fast Buds Orange Sherbet Auto is an awesome twisted variant of the popular Cherry Pie with a hint of Lemon and the bag appeal to satisfy the most perfectionist of cultivators, this one is simply epic.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock Royal Queen strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery)Apple Fritter Auto cannabis seeds by Royal Queen are a balanced cannabis variety, slightly Sativa dominant with Sour Apple Auto x Animal Cookies genetics that finish around 10 weeks seed to harvest and 60-100cm tall indoors.
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Introductory Special Offer 10% OFF ALL SeedsWe are proud to stock Royal Queen strains in Thailand with (1-3 days delivery) Royal Queen Sweet ZZ Auto is a delicious strain with a combination of seriously powerful Amnesia and Gorilla Glue which you should expect to be slightly spicy with a taste of cedar wood and the high will be psychodelic and mind bending.

Top Auto Marijuana Seeds 2024

Automatic flowering marijuana seeds have become massively popular over the last 10 years after the Lowryder was first introduced to commercial seed market. This auto strain created a major shift in seed markets and is the foundation base of many autoflowering strains of today. 

Autoflowering Seeds basically do not need a 12/12 light cycle switch. They instead begin there lifecycle to a programmed duration from the moment you sow the seeds. This is a massive advantage to many growing senarios. For the outdoor grower it means you can get multiple harvests per year, especially in hot countries such as Thailand. Potentially in Thailand you can get 4 harvests every year using auto cannabis seeds. Another massive benefit is due to the shorter life cycle you have much less risk of developing issues and any problems can be more easily resolved.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds come from the upper northern hemisphere. In the most basic explanation, marijuana plants have evolved to finish flowering automatically as in these natural regions there are times when the days are 24 hours long with no darkness. By using these genetics called Ruderalis, breeders have over the years created some awesome hybrid auto strains.  

Best Auto flowering Strains 2024

We have selected our range of the best autoflowering strains for 2024 based on many reasons. We know what customers have been buying most and we are up to date on many of the latest strains to hit the market. We look for auto’s that are high in strength, produce good yields and mostly that stay the truest in resemblance to their original photoperiod parent.

How to choose the Top Auto Cannabis Seeds 2024 

  • Top Trending Automatic Marijuana Strains
  • Highest Yielding Auto Cannabis Strains
  • Most Delicious Auto flowering Ganja Strains
  • Top Award Winning Auto Weed Strains
  • Best Hybrid Indica Sativa Auto Strains
  • Best Beginner Auto Cannabis Seeds
  • Most Expensive Auto Flowering Strain

Now that you know a little about, what auto flowering seeds are and where they originate from, lets take a look at our top auto varieties that we believe will be a big hit in 2024.


1. Auto Pineapple Chunk by Just Feminized – A New Version of our Best Seller - Buy Auto Pineapple Chunk Seeds Thailand

Our original Pineapple Chunk is a Best Selling Marijuana Strain on our websites for many understandable reasons. Originally created by Barneys Farm, this awesome new automatic version retains all the much loved features of the original, but flowers independently of a timed light cycle. This strain is an Exodus Cheese hybrid that offers larger yields and works perfectly in a greenhouse with potent buds developing to a very large size.

2. Auto Mimosa Punch by Dutch Passion – Prize Winner & Trending Auto – Buy Mimosa Punch Auto Seeds Thailand

Auto Mimosa Punch grow with maximum yields that are suited to almost any growing environment. The plants do not grow very tall and can be trained in vertical growing chambers and small grow boxes. The harvested buds are a juicy orange flavoured resinous dripping with lovely purple tints. Its easy to see why this auto flowering strain won harvest awards with its multi rewarding traits.

3. Strawberry Gorilla Auto by 420 Fast Buds – Potent, High Yielding & Epic Genetics – Buy Strawberry Gorilla Auto Seeds Thailand

This auto marijuana strain claims to achieve THC levels of the highest content above 30%. The claim also is that it can produce over 600 grams per meter indoors. The resulting monstrous buds are a delicious chocolate coffee with tones of a chemical fruit base. Really if all this is true and knowing that the genetics are a combination of Strawberry and Gorilla Glue we see no reason why this should not be in your next auto grow. In fact after writing this, we will put a few of these in our own personal garden.

4. Apple Tartz Auto by Just Feminized – Brand New Legend in the making – Buy Apple Tartz Auto Seeds Thailand

Apple Tartz began trending in 2023 and we believe it is going to become a very popular strain in 2024. The genetics are a premium level mix of Runtz with Apple Fritters. Broken down further the genetics are Zkittlez x Gelato x Sour Apple x Animal Cookies which really stands out as awesome to us. We think this brand new strain to Just Feminized is a legendary auto variety in the making.

5. Auto Bruce Banner by Sweet Seeds – Named After Incredible Hulk – Buy Bruce Banner Auto Seeds Thailand

This strain has become so popular that many of the big name breeders are offering a version of it in many shapes and forms. Named after the character in the Incredible Hulk movies for obvious reasons. This one is basically an exploding monster that is going to cause damage, but in a very nice way. Avery delicious alternative also by Sweet Seeds is the new Mimosa Bruce Banner Auto.

6. Auto Platinum Gorilla Cookies by Just Feminized – Beautiful Beast – Buy Platinum Gorilla Cookies Auto Seeds Thailand

This Ganja strain is a really beautiful beast that combines awesome genetics. Many Seed Banks offer a version of Gorilla Cookies at the moment as its popularity has seen it flying off the shelves. This autoflowering version retails all the main features that make it so worthy of its status. Expect High yields of potent buds that finish fast and are resistant in difficult environments.

 7. Apple Fritter Auto by Royal Queen – Epic Compact Hybrid – Buy Apple Fritter Auto Seeds Thailand

Auto Apple Fritter is one half of our magnificent Apple Tartz variety. We love the combination of genetics in this as it contains Sour Apple x Animal Cookies which when broken down is a combination of Diesel x C99 x Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Kush. This master cannabis strain is a great one for a discreet stealthy grow as the plants stay compact and easy to hide.

8. Orange Sherbet Auto by 420 Fast Buds – High Yielding Beginner Friendly – Buy Orange Sherbet Auto Seeds Thailand

This strain is a great one for new growers as even with the most basic knowledge you can reap a monster harvest of potent buds. The finished harvest rewards you with delicious tasting buds that almost don’t smell like marijuana with the fruity aroma. Dubbed the “Super Sour Orange Terp Monster” 

Orange Sherbet Auto will finish around 9-10 weeks from seed at around 130cm tall with over 25% THC Content.

9. Mimosa Orange Punch Auto by Just Feminized – A Must try strain – Buy Mimosa Orange Auto Seeds Thailand

Mimosa Orange Punch first came on the scene that we noticed when Barneys Farm entered their version. Barneys have always produced the best cannabis varieties in the world in our opinion and Mimosa Orange Punch is certainly up there near the top. Growing this strain is a pure delightful experience.

10. Big Stilton Auto by Big Head – Cheese and Kush = Delicious – Buy Auto Big Stilton Seeds Thailand

This very delicious Cheese variety stands out from her peers with impressive THC levels visible in its dripping colas. The flavour of cheese has managed to retain its status and popularity over the years and this version by Big Head Seeds delivers. A Bit of an old school classic this is now becoming, but its definitely one we would recommend for growing in 2024.

11. Jelly Doughnuts Auto by Just Feminized – Best New Commer – Buy Auto Jelly Doughnuts Seeds Thailand

This Auto Flowering hybrid contains an array of genetics that is packed with trending big names. Jelly Doughnuts includes Zkittlez x Gelato x Ghost OG x Cream Caramel x Lemon Kush and some unknown twists. I think in 2024 we are going to see this one popping up in the dispensaries a lot more. This weed auto variety claims to achieve over 30% THC and the bag appeal with the buds is heavenly for any smoker.

12. Sweet ZZ Auto by Royal Queen – Incredible Potency and Yield – Buy Sweet ZZ Auto Seeds Thailand

Her potency, taste, and yield blow most other autoflowering genetics out of the water. With its combination of Sweet ZZ (Grapefruit x Grape App) and Diesel (Quick One x NYC Diesel) this auto is impressive. The harvest from seed can be expected in as little as 9 weeks and finished plants should be around 110cm without any training techniques used.